Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NYC: The Museums

I'm not even sure where to start with New York. The week was packed with fun experiences. I loved it!

We visited three museums - The Met, MOMA, and the Frick Collection. They were all amazing in their own way. Kim and I spent 6 hours at the Met and we didn't really even get to see very much. My favorite exhibit was a special exhibit titled Barcelona and Modernity: Gaudi to Dali. One of my favorite Van Gough paintings, Wheat Field with Cypresses, is also part of the Met collection.

I was very pleasantly surprised at MOMA because I had no idea that The Starry Night resides there. What child doesn't begin to love art when they see this painting? It was amazing to see it in person. I also especially loved the Paul Klee gallery and the Picasso still lives.

The Frick Collection was beautiful not only because of the very amazing art and antiques, but you also get to see it displayed in a beautiful 5th Avenue mansion looking out on the park. I loved the library. The cases, which contained a lovely collection of leather bound books, were only about 4 feet tall and wound all the way around the large room. What a life!

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