Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Compact Table in a Bag

I love this table. I have two and I use them all the time. I'm going to get one more this year so I don't have to keep borrowing Michelle's. It's the best table to use for picnics, beach outings, projects, entertaining, kids projects, kids dinner table or anything else you need a table for. (See my Dinner Club Photos post from 3/1/07. I used three tables end-to-end to comfortably seat 8 people.) It rolls up and stores very easily.


pepper said...

I love this table of yours...I really need to buy a few.

Drew and Annie said...

What a great find! Where'd you get it?

Rachel said...

You can buy the table at Crate & Barrel. Click on the "table" link in the post for details.

Sharon said...

I love that table too! The grill in a bag looks fun too on the crate and barrel web page.
Thanks for the info.
btw I followed your link from my sisters.. I loved the stuff you did for your reuniun.. I'll have to remember that.