Monday, July 09, 2007

Sister Time

My baby sister is visiting me this week for the first time without our parents. We have a fun week of girl activities planned. We spent today shopping on Fillmore, Union, and Chestnut. We lunched at La Med and had dinner at my current favorite restaurant, Terzo.

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Janakes Crew said...

How fun that you get to have a girl week!Your sister is so cute!! Okay so I have to tell you...I love looking at your blog, you have such style and sophistication...You are amazing Rachel! Not only are you Gorgeous BUT you are the sweetest person ever! You are so talented and creative!I always think to myself I wish I would have gotten to know you more!I still remember moving into the city at the same time and going to Bishop Earl's house for a get together! Wow that was a long time ago! Anyway I know long comment...Hope you have fun this week with your sister!