Friday, July 27, 2007

French Lessons

I've always wanted to speak French fluently. It wasn't offered in my high school, so I learned German instead. I've taken classes through City College but due to my own inhibitions I usually sit in the back and try to speak as little as possible which doesn't translate into fluency very well. That is all going to change starting August 30th. I've taken the plunge and signed up for a class at Alliance Francaise. The average class size is 6 students which means I can't hide in the back anymore. Once I get going I want to supplement with private sessions too.

Next on the list - sailing lessons!


Sharon said...

way to go!

pepper said...

Mark and I just walked past this yesterday and talked about how we want to take French as a family...can't wait to hear how you like it

Robert and Tannya said...

Perfect! I love the idea of you speaking french. That way when we go to Paris together someday you can translate all the yummy food for me. I don't need to speak it, since well for me it all about the food. I loved!!!!loved!!!seeing you. I miss you already and couldn't wait to pull up your blog. The sofa and table are very sleek. Go Paula. Love ya Tannya

Cathie said...

WOW! Good for you! Keith would like me to know French, but I think I am more interested in the sailing lessons! Truly, that is impressive!

John Eaton said...

Salut, Rachel.

Your blog is very cool.

So is French.

A bien tot,