Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I just finished reading this book for book club. It's the best new fiction I've read in a while. The author has a very original style. The story follows a 9 year-old boy on his quest to find information about his deceased father. The boy is brilliant, a little on the strange side, and very endearing. The major theme of the book is dealing with loss, but the author makes loss seem beatifuly tragic.


AlisonM said...

Did you read Everything is Illuminated? That book was good (a little graphic though), but I (for once) actually liked the movie a bit better. I'm curious how this book compares. Thanks for the suggestion!

Sharon said...

i have to finish this book (i'm only on page 2). it's haunting me!

Rachel said...

I haven't read Everything is Illuminated yet. Maybe I'll start with the movie.