Sunday, February 11, 2007

Style City

I love the StyleCity travel guides. They are pretty new but adding cities all the time. The current list includes Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, London, New York, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, and Sydney. I just got New York for my upcoming trip. The guide lists the sites, boutiques, restaurants, and hotels that are particularly notable for unique style. You can purchase them here.


Sharon said...

hurray! a new blog to become addicted to!

jordan said...

Awesome! Keep 'em coming.

michelle said...

Yay! Rachel has a blog!

I do love these books - I'm pretty sure the MOMA's store sells them - but I've never tried one out. Let us all know how New York does.

Also check out for your trip. Great maps, cool ratins and reviews, etc.

Lisa said...

Nice blog.

I recently stayed in a great hotel in the lower east side. Blue Moon Hotel. The couple who owns it are wonderful and the rooms are great too. Enjoy your trip.

Echo said...

Our worlds are so different!! It's like we live on two different planets. Thanks for sharing, I loved reading it.