Friday, February 23, 2007

Paper Piles Be Gone: Part One

I love process engineering. I'm always trying to think up easier more efficient ways to do things. This is a desk top system for items that currently need attention or tasks you are actively working on. You should also have a permanent file cabinet for long-term items. More on this later. I've been using this system for a few months now and it's working very well.

1) Purchase a desk top file folder box and some pretty file folders. Label the folders with the categories you need and file the papers into the appropriate folder.

My categories are:

*Outstanding Items (long-term things to do)
*Real Estate Research
*Financial Info (financial planning, financial reports, investment info, current tax info, etc.)
*Medical (insurance authorizations, prescriptions, Dr.'s business cards)
*Coupons & Gift Certificates
*Caldwell Family Reunion 2007
*Halloween Party 2007
*Performance & Exhibit Schedules
*Bills (bills that need to be paid)
*Today (things to take care of today)
*Career Planning

2) As you open your mail or bring paper into your house, put the item into the corresponding folder.

3) Once you've taken care of an item, move it to your permanent file or throw it away if you don't need it anymore.

4) Transfer one or two of the "Outstanding Items" into your "Today" folder each day to whittle down that pile of backlogged things to do.

5) Periodically clean out the items that are expired or you don't need anymore.

I use this folder holder from IKEA. It also has dividers for pens and pencils, and the perfect section for my notepaper and daily calendar. You can buy folders here, here, and here.

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Echo said...

I love any suggestions on organizing my home. It is my least developed talent. Paper is a constant battle!