Monday, August 11, 2008

Half-Life of a Dream

I visited SFMOMA this weekend to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit. The exhibit is very moving. Frida was a very strong, passionate woman. Her surrealist art is packed with so much meaning and emotion. The exhibit also included an extensive collection of photos of Frida throughout her life.

After the seeing the Frida exhibit I popped into the galleries on the other side of the floor to see the Logan collection of contemporary Chinese art titled Half-Life of a Dream. This is an amazing exhibit that I fear might be overlooked with the ever popular Frida right next door. The paintings and installations are dream-like to say the least. One room holds an instillation of 20,000 plastic toy dinosaurs in the shape of the Asian continent marching like armies, upon which lies a bed with a cozy Chairman Mao sleeping and perhaps dreaming of his Chinese utopia.

Another favorite is a large painting with the several clones of the image of the artist charging forward on the backs of a herd of ostriches.

This is one of the most exciting exhibits I've seen at SFMOMA in my 8 years in the city. I will definitely visit again before the exhibit closes on October 5th.

(The painting above is by artist Fang Lijun.)

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