Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Sentinel

I just got lunch from the new Dennis Leary (Canteen Restaurant) SoMa take-out counter, The Sentinel. It's a little dangerous that I can eat this well for lunch on a regular basis. In the past it was hard to do better than mass produced burritos and sandwiches unless you have 2 hours and $50 to spend on an everyday lunch. The lunches here range from $7.50 to $11. There are 4 sandwich/soup type items on the menu which changes daily and it is take out only. They also serve coffee and pastries in the morning. The coffee cake is on its way to becoming legendary.

Extra cool points go to The Sentinel because Dennis Leary actually prepared and handed me the food! (That is the guy you can see behind the counter.) How often do you go to a restaurant with a big name chef and know for sure that they actually had anything to do with the food preparation?

SoMa worker are in for a real treat. The bar for affordable, quick lunch has been raised very high indeed. The Sentinel is located at 37 New Montgomery across from The Palace Hotel.

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