Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Farmer Brown

How cool is this picture?! I used to live on Nob Hill just above Union Square and I always complained that the food in that neighborhood isn't very good. Well just in time for my move, Farmer Brown opened on the edge of Union Square and the Tenderloin.

The menu is packed with southern comfort. I had the fried chicken and mac & cheese. It was so perfectly crisp on the outside and steamy and moist on the inside. Tyler ordered the pulled pork sandwich and we shared a slice of the decadent pecan pie for dessert. The food was so rich and delicious. I didn't feel like eating until dinner the next day even after sharing an appetizer and dessert. Maybe it's good that I don't live close to this restaurant anymore, but I think we will find our way back occasionally. Just not before shopping for jeans!

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Cathie said...

I want to be in SF right now! I do miss the variety of resturants. My brother-in-law lives there so I will pass on this recommendation to him! I hope you are doing well. It is fun to read your blog!