Sunday, May 13, 2007

Special Sunday Edition

Reasons I Love My Mom:
(Just to name a couple)

1 - She makes up funny words when she gets frustrated or mad.
2 - She has a deep admiration for clean lines.
3 - She's really emotionally healthy. She gracefully acknowledges when there is an elephant in the room and you can have the tough conservations with her.
4 - She didn't hate me when I was a teenager.
5 - She loves books.
6 - When you look at her childhood pictures, you can tell she is still the same person.
7 - She has a cute Wisconsin accent.
8 - She made me a Barbie cake when I was little.
9 - She "gets" modern art.
10 - She reads my blog everyday.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!


Mom said...

I love the blog every day but today was extra special. Being your mom and Tyler's mother-in-law has been the greatest privilege and the most awesome life experience imaginable.

Janakes Crew said...

Oh Rachel....that was the cutest thing ever!! It makes me want to meet your mom! Your family is gorgeous!