Thursday, September 18, 2008

NYC or Bust

Tyler and I are both quickly approaching our biggest work deadline of the year. Tyler currently holds the family record for most consecutive hours worked in one day by one hour with a whopping 21 hours arriving home at 5:00 AM last Thursday. Three weeks and a few days to go. We are planning a trip to New York to relax post October 15th. I'd love to hear every one's favorite shops, restaurants, things to do, etc. so I can day dream about my trip to help get me through the last few weeks of crunching.

The other thing that helps..... thinking of these on second mark down.


michelle said...

Lombardi's for the best, perfect slice of NY pizza. Their tomato sauce was insane.

Junior's (they have a location in Grand Central so you don't have to trek to Brooklyn) for their classic cheesecake. I don't like cheesecake but Jared said it was the best he's ever had.

Serendipity for the frozen hot chocolate. It's super popular and kitchy but who cares. Sometimes you need to embrace being a tourist.

Oooh... fall in NY. Definitely go on a walk through Central Park.

amyandseth said...

oh two are pulling banker hours! make sure you request banker bonuses. Have a wonderful time in NYC. I can totally see you as a NY shopping gal!

Kristine said...

NYC in the fall!!-- one of my favorite times of year-- consider the circle line cruise up the Hudson-- fall leaves are fabulous!

Favorite food: SO many places!
Shake Shack -Washington Squre-- a gourmet foodie decides to do fast food "well"-- competes with the Burger Joint for the best burger in town.
Best pizza-- Grimaldis across the Brooklyn bridge-- you will wait for at least a 1/2 hr in line outside, but IT IS worth it. TAke the subway there-- eat early enough to walk back across the bridge as the city lites come on.
While there-- go around the corner to Jacque Torres--the famous chocolatier's shop!
I think you've already tried NOrmas and Baltazhars-- 2 of my favorites.
Ellen's Stardust diner is a fun "Broadway" experience--old fashion soda fountain-- aspiring broadway stars are waiting tables and performing midtown.
JOe Allen's-- good comfort food- theatre district-- where many of the broadway stars dine after the show--
Ruby Foo's-- great fusion of all ASian food.
Sarabeths-- yummy brunch
Restaurant inside Bloomies-- DAvids?-- heard it's great.
The Met has some nice lunch places as does the MOMA.
My favorite costume jewelry store:Laila Rowe-- 6th and 55th.-- really fun, unique and reasonable -- all displayed by color.

I miss my trips to NY-- Mala lives in San Diego now. Have fun!!