Sunday, March 09, 2008


All the buzz in San Francisco is about Spruce in Presidio Heights. I recently dined there for a birthday celebration with friends. The food was definitely good and deserves the hype.

I arrived from work mid-meal, so I had to fore go the starter and skip straight to the entree. I ordered the harissa chicken with farro couscous, dates and almonds. My favorites were the rolls and dessert. The dinner rolls reminded me of the demi epi baguettes at French Laundry that kind of have a creamy, sweet taste. For dessert we shared a couple orders of the beignets and chocolate cake.

The service was not the best, but nothing too offensive. The bar space is pretty large (pictured), so you can try your luck at walking in if you can get there on the early side. Otherwise you will have to wait at least three weeks to get in, so plan ahead.

(Photo from Yelp)

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